Welcome to  POLYHUM

Creative and Social Mindfulness Training

Do you want to feel calm and focused?¿Quieres sentirte más en paz  y enfocado? Do you want to feel more connected? ¿Quieres sentirte más conectado? Do you know the power of vibration healing? ¿Quieres vivirel poder de la vibración vocal?

 Welcome to PolyHum®    Bienvenido a PolyHum®

Polyhum® is a human connexion accelerator, a social and creative mindfulness, based on the power of the vibration of the human voice to connect with yourself, others and your environment. My name is Sergio Lopez, the creator of Polyhum® and also known as The Humming Man. During the first lockdown in March 2020  I offered intensive 10 day online course to help people like you to become more resilient, calmer to cope with the negative effects of imposed social isolation. 

I am currently offering Polyhum group workshops in outdoor and indoor settings in Gran Canaria 

POLYHUM Mindfulness Creativo y  Musicoterapia Social. Conectando y vibrando con la voz desde el corazón con empatía para potenciar una salud mental y emocional desde el empoderamiento y la creatividad  HUMOR HUMILDAD y HUMANIDAD

If you are interested in any of these projects please fill the form below to get more details.  Thanks!

Project 1: Proyecto MU Los martes en The Classroom Las Canteras. Tertulias mixtas abiertas, círculos de hombres. Encuentros para visibilizar la diversidad de masculinidades para combatir la ignorancia, los extremismos y conseguir un mejor entendimiento más allá del género y la orientación sexual.  Para participar de forma gratuita regístrate en www.masculiUnidad.net o sígueme en Instagram @hummingmanart  Idioma: Español

Project 2 Conciertos relajantes / Piano desde mi balcón.  These are live concerts to an audience of six people at a time in a relaxed atmosphere. The model is using classical music repertoire as material to improvise gentle music which brings you to a state of meditation via active listening and humming. We together co-create the experience of music to get to a place of inner peace and human connection.

Project 3 Musical meditations for empathy building and solidarity #vibrandoconlapalma. Every week we meet and improvise using harmonic mantras and songs. Los beneficios de las aportaciones voluntarias van dirigidas a los damnificados por el volcán de La Palma. Con este video de introducción a Polyhum podrás aprender técnicas sencillas anti-estrés y de paso ayudar de forma solidaria. www.empathicart.com 

Asociación CREA (Cancer en Red de Empatía en Acción)  Red virtual y presencial de intercambio de tiempo y habilidades parar mutuo apoyo y contribuir a una mejor salud emocional y mental de pacientes de cáncer, familiares  y cuidadores/as de forma participativa. Si te sientes identificado y quieres saber más puedes contestar a este breve cuestionario www.asociacioncrea.es

Somos lava: cantemos juntos por la solidaridad

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Empathy in care 

Very big thank you for a very moving & well thought out session that you delivered today to the Macmillan centre team. It was really insightful everyone commented that it was a clever way of getting across very complex ideas & helping people to think outside the box. I think you made everyone really think & helped people try to creatively problem solve. A very positive & inspiring session Laura Bailey, Macmillan information & support manager Barts Health NHS Trust

Join our sessions online from Gran Canaria to the world!

ONLINE EXPERIENCE You just need a quiet space, comfortable clothing, access to internet, a glass of water and headphones for a better experience of sound. 

Each session is between 60 min to 90 min long including a 15 min final sound meditation.  All the music used in the training and meditations are originally composed by Sergio Lopez Figueroa. 

For any questions write to polyhum@humathome.co.uk 


Polyhum en Gran Canaria: El Confital

humming focus my mind 

Through humming you acquire a great facility to connect with yourself. Afterwards I felt a little calmer, thanks above all to the final silence, which remained inside and outside of me. 

So much relaxation in a fun practice. Afterwards I felt fuller, more in a good mood.Such a great idea and very relaxing. Nice to do before bed or in stressful situations. Self soothing.

he vibrations, going inwards and joining with others to do such a positive thing.

An immediate feeling of internal peace and connecting more with my spiritual side