Polyhum online 

Let's have a break from our digital devices Your commitment makes a difference as this is a slow practise that requires time and patience.

Step 1 Expression of interest 

Fill the enquiry form available at the homepage to tell us you are interested and something about your current needs. 

Step 2 Complete the form  

  1. Learn about the background of Polyhum
  2. Read the terms and conditions
  3. Download the enrolment form. 

Do not fill the form online as your personal details will remain public. You need to download it (go to File>Download>Word and then send it via email to hum@humathome.co.uk

Step 3 Participate,  share the love

  • Be proactive on WhatsApp
  • Commit to 10 days course
  • Check for regular updates
  • Share with friends should you wish

Hum at Home (Terms and Conditions in audio)

Horarios ( Proyecto MU / Polyhum)

Proyecto MU  / POLYHUM

         Martes (2 al mes)           Miércoles (2 al mes)

                   Sábado              Domingo

Proyecto MU
Bisexual Hombres
Circulo de 8
Proyecto MU HOMBRES 
Circulo de 8

Meditaciones Musicales
Altruismo y Empatía  (mensual)
22 horas GMT

POLYHUM en el Barrio
Musicoterapia Social
16;30 - 18:30

Futuras excursiones 

Proyecto MU
Bisexual Mixto
Encuentros abiertos
Proyecto MU MIXTO H+M



  • You are new and just want to try it.
  • You pay as you come. 
  • Free videos on Youtube


You are attending the classes and enjoying the exercises online. You are participating actively  

  • Attended 5 workshops
  • Participate in the WhatsApp group. 
  • Filled the evaluation form
  • Sent your testimonial
  • Fnal group mix recording
  • Access to sound meditation tracks


You are a star and feel like a bee, buzzing around  and telling the world how you feel about Polyhum. You feel the benefits and want to help to spread the word

  • Attended 10 workshops or more 
  • Participate in the WhatsApp group
  • You invite friends to join in
  • You shared the hashtags # 
  • Subscribed to Youtube and Facebook
  • Follow Instagram and live streams
  • You sent a testimonial selfie VIDEO
  • You shared your testimonial on VIDEO
  • Free access to private recordings 
  • Part of the HUM app user group team
  • 50% discount on future updates

The final meeting can be fun: It's time to celebrate!

After all hard work and commitment it is time to get social and meet new friends around the world. Newcomers can join in the previous group and ask any question to anyone.Expect some laughter and a little bit of chaos. It is time to play, relax and share how you feel in the moment with other people you've never met before but were learning in another language.  You soon realise that humming is international and there is one language and you can all understand: HUMOUR After sharing and chatting we may finish with a group meditation, silence or whatever is needed at that moment. 

One day we will be gathering together again in the parks